Replacing existing electric geyser: Gravity fed (low pressure geyser) 150 litre geyser set at 55 degrees Celsius

New Solar Geyser: 200 litre high pressure thermo syphon (geyser and panel on the roof) on flat roof standing at 40 degree angle with setting at 55 degrees Celsius with a 10 year warranty on the solar geyser and a 5 year warranty on the solar water heating control panel.

  • Yearly average usage prior to solar geyser installation – 29 units per day
  • Yearly average usage after solar geyser installation – 17 units per day
  • All other factors remained constant. This is a saving of 12 units per day
  • 12 units at R1,87 per unit = R 22,44 per day or R 682,55 per month

The total cost of the solar water heating system installation and commissioning was R21,495.00. The full amount was financed over 36 months at 15% p.a. interest rate. The monthly repayment was R745.30.

This adds a total additional cost of R62.75 per month to the monthly household bills.

However, the benefits are that:

  • After 3 years the system is paid for leaving 7 years of “free” hot water under the solar geyser warranty period;
  • For the remaining lifetime of the equipment (expect 20 years), “free” hot water;
  • Increase the value of your property;
  • Environmentally the right thing to do;
  • Having hot water despite possible long power outages.

All of the above savings are calculated WITHOUT taking into account any yearly tariff increases which are likely to be anything between 8 and 20 percent year-on-year.

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