The placement of your solar hot water collector

There are a few basics to installing evacuated tube solar hot water collectors.

Make sure the collector faces Solar North

In Cape Town the optimal position for the solar hot water collector is facing Solar North, which is relatively close to magnetic north. 

Solar North is the ideal position, but the evacuated tubes solar hot water collector can face anywhere from NE to NW without any considerable loss in performance.

It is therefore critical that your roof have some north facing aspect.

Roof angle to the sun

The solar hot water collector needs to be mounted at a minimum horizontal angle of 18 degrees.

Since roof angles are normally between 22 degrees and 45 degrees the collector can be mounted flush on the roof.

If however the collector needs to be mounted on a flat roof, a mounting stand giving the collector a minimum tilt of 18 degrees is required.

Other considerations

Buildings and trees may cast shade on the collector. This can severely impact the performance of your solar geyser installation.

We will try to place the solar hot water collector as close to the geyser as possible, because long pipe runs will cause a loss in heat and also increase the costs of solar water heater installation.

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