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Cape Solar Installers - Installing Solar Geysers, Solar Water Heating, PV Solar Panels

Cape Solar Installers are independent installers of all makes and types of Solar Energy Equipment for Solar Geysers, Solar Water Heating and Solar PV panel Electrical Generation systems.

Cape Solar Installers are the preferred Installers for Condor Solar Energy Solutions.

Cape Solar Installers also install Solar Water Heating Systems for Sunscan, SolarMAX and Future Comfort.

Cape Solar is a specialist in installing solar water heating systems and solar geysers in Cape Town

We are committed to saving you money and are part of the Eskom Rebate programme that will save you thousands of rand on the installation cost of your solar geyser.

Free Energy from the Sun

  • The sun is a source of free, unlimited, renewable energy
  • South Africa enjoys one of the highest levels constant sunlight annually and therefore solar energy in the world.

Be Smart - Go Green

  • Water heating accounts for 30% to 50% of the electricity bill of your household
  • And installing a solar geyser as part of a solar water heating system can reduce your water heating bill, by as much as 70%.

An investment in solar water heating lowers your overall contribution to greenhouse gases by reducing your usage of electrical energy that is responsible for pumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

How to choose the best size solar water heating system for your home - Work out your household’s hot water needs.

An average household will consume 50 litres of hot water per person, and some appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can also consume the same amount of hot water.

If you select too small a solar geyser, you will not have enough hot water.

Over-sizing the requirement for hot water slightly can maximize the solar energy gains and reduce the overall use of electricity to supplement solar water heating.

Buying too big a solar water heating system is not that bad - it simply means your return on your investment may take longer to achieve.

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Latest Solar Installations

Costs case study for installing a solar geyser in a domestic home


Are you replacing an existing electric geyser?

Worried about the cost of installing a solar geyser and a solar water heating system in Cape Town?

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Bungling of solar rebate programme places solar geyser installers at risk


SESSA calls on DoE to clarify solar rebate programme as solar geyser installations dwindle

The Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (Sessa) on Friday called on the Department of Energy(DoE) to follow its three-step “rescue plan” aimed at resolving the uncertainty surrounding the administration of the solar rebate programme.

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Hot water for guests at all times while saving electricity costs


CS Installers completed a solar water heating installation in Taboerskloof, Cape Town in February.

The guest house solar water heating system consisted of a 300 litre thermo syphon solar water geyser and a separate 200 litre thermo syphon solar water heating system

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